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Underfloor Drainage

Underfloor Drainage Service

Underfloor drainage takes water out of a crawlspace. It’s an alternative type of drainage that does not disrupt the exterior landscape. An underfloor drainage solution is designed to remove water from under the crawl space after it has already intruded into the crawl space. If installed throughout the entire crawl space it can minimize the moisture under the home.


An underfloor system generally consists of 3” perforated drain line with Class II perm drain rock. From this main line, there will be finger trenches and then the underfloor will be capped with a vapor barrier.


The striking feature that makes these drains unique is the way in which they do not intervene with the exterior landscape. Effective underfloor drain installation successfully minimizes the moisture level interfering with the property. Installation needs to take place in such a manner that it covers the entire crawl space.

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The main line of an underfloor drain system further divides into smaller trenches commonly known as extended fingers or finger barriers. The system is capped with the help of a vapor barrier. Experts make sure the installation of these types of drains is done with utmost responsibility. The location where the system would drain the excess water is predetermined based on consultation.


They prevent mold, frost, excessive moisture. A safe and functional underfloor drain system minimizes the emergence of drainage issues at your property. They are the most responsible solutions to make sure excess water finds a safe course without interfering with homes. They serve as the basic network and ensure adequate wastewater management while lying under the floor.

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