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Channel Drains

Channel Drain Service

A channel drain is a linear drain that moves water through an underground drainage system. It collects and disperses the runoff over a large area, often along a driveway or patio for water to exit and discharge to an existing drainage system.


Channel drains are constructed along driveways, patios and other outdoor areas. When excessive water gets accumulated in these outdoor areas, they make way for water to exit these areas and discharge into the existent main drainage system.


This is why they serve as the right choice for outdoor spaces prone to rainwater accumulation. The drain may be made using concrete, polymers or metals.

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The length of channel drains is their distinguishing feature. They sport a decent length and comparatively narrow width. The size of channel drains ranges from 1 inch to 2 feet in width. These drains reach up to 4 feet in depth simplifying the purpose of immediate surface draining. These are typically useful in outdoor areas, industrial spaces, urban landscapes, airports and a variety of different spaces. The installation procedure is very labor intensive when it comes to channel drains. However, if a careful choice of design and space is made, channel drains can prove to be excellent solutions to drainage problems.

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