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French Drain

French Drain Service

French drain is the most feasible solutions to make sure that groundwater or surface water does not interfere with the foundation of your home or building. They help relieve ground water pressure. Other than this primary purpose, these drains may also be used as a typical septic drain field.


French drains are trenches filled with gravel or rock and contain a perforated pipe that captures surface or groundwater, diverting it away from the home. The trench serves as a channel for water to flow through the pipe, exiting at a location that will be determined during the consultation. Possible exits are the street, a culvert, a dry well, or other safe distance from the property.


The installation of french drains occurs in two basic ways:

  • They can be buried around the foundation wall lying on the exteriors of the foundation.
  • They can be laid in the basement floor in the interior.

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These drains provide an effective and easy channel for water to flow through. They are simple in design and cost-effective. They work well towards redirection of the flow of water owing to the simplistic design. There are a lot of different designs available. The choice for the right type of french drain is case specific. It is made only after analyzing the particular situation and need of the property.


The modern French drains began from simple ditches filled with gravel, pitched from a high rise area to a low rise one. These act as especially useful drains in areas where inadequate city water systems are available. The size of the drain is decided by looking into the level of rainwater or run-off in the concerned area. Multiple pipes can be brought into use depending upon the need.


A french drain is also popularly known as the weeping tile. These are trenches that are invariably filled with rock or gravel. They contain a perforated pipe that serves the purpose of capturing the groundwater and diverting its path away from home to a potentially safe location. The locations could be a street, a dry well, a culvert, etc. The location is decided at the time of consultation with the clients.

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