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Subsurface Drainage Service

Subsurface drainage is the most effective way to relieve “hydro-static” pressure and lower the water table around your home’s foundation. This type of system not only captures any water beneath your floor but also captures and releases any water in cinder block or stone foundation walls.

The basic functions of surface drains are as follows:

  • They allow drainage of excessive quantities of surface water with ease and spontaneity.
  • They allow the intercepting of runoff water from various sources.
  • They act as collecting systems for other drainage systems.


Subsurface drainage removes excess water from a land surface in a quick and controlled way. They find excessive indulgence with bare soil and land. They facilitate easy management of wet soil. Thus, they are a very useful aid in specific locations where surface draining is needed. Surface drains are known to act in a very regulated manner as they direct the watercourse to the right path.

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There are different types of surface drains available. They find use in situations where excessive water has accumulated due to rainfall, increasing losses from the conveyance channels, over irrigation, water run-off from areas of high elevation. These drains provide a steady and spontaneous mechanism for drainage of surface water.


The installation process of surface drains is relatively less labor intensive. They are easier to install and maintain. However, frequent monitoring and cleaning are required for them to function to the best of their potential. Professionals always lay down guidelines for clients during the installation of drainage systems. Surface drains usually sport a metal grating and thereby constitute a convenient and instinctive drainage system.

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