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Solid Drain Lines

Solid Drain Lines Service

Choosing the type of piping to use when installing a drainage system is the key to success. Solid drain lines should be used until you are at a safe distance from the house where water build up cannot hurt the foundation or porch. Once away from everything, you can transition to a perforated pipe to disperse a small amount of water as it goes toward the exit point.


Solid drainage lines allow efficient water drainage control at properties. The design, length, and width of pipes vary depending upon the need of the property. Solid drain lines serve the purposes of agricultural applications, home applications, simple drainage, and distribution, controlling the water flow and more. These lines are usually constructed using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). They possess the desirable quality of resistance to chemicals and possible abrasions.

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A variety of solid drain pipelines are available in the market. Our professionals help clients with the selection of the right kind of drain line. Specific models also include single walled, double walled as well as several other types.


The cost incurred due to the installation of solid drainage lines varies largely depending upon the extent of installation. However, the right choice made in this sphere makes way for a smooth drainage system.  A steady, solid drain line could well be viewed as the spine of your drainage system.

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