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Sump Pump

Sump Pump Service

A sump pump is often the heart of your basement waterproofing system. If it stops working, then your basement can flood. How you design your sump pump discharge line is key to preventing clogs and keeping your system running without interruption.


Sump pumps serve the basic function of removing water that has been collected by the sump basin. It is found in the basement of most homes. They are the most common pumps that help with issues of basement flooding. Basement flooding is a common situation in properties where the water table lies above the foundation of the property. They effectively change the course of water and direct it away from the property to a safe location.


They help you maintain a clean and dry crawl space. They are useful in ruling out cases of underground wetness in homes and other properties.

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There are two basic kinds of sump pumps:


  • Pedestals: In pedestal pumps, the motor rests above the classical sump.
  • Submersibles: In submersibles, the motor is present inside the sump.


Apart from homes, sump pumps also find use in commercial and industrial spaces. They look into problems related to the water table with efficiency and ease. A modern sump pump usually consists of a container (made up of plastic, metal or concrete) that serves the purpose of a sump basin ranging anywhere between 2-3 feet, and a sump pump (either 200W or 400W) powered either by a battery, mains or both.


Various types of sump pumps are available and the choice depends on the specific need of the property. Yearly examination of sump pump basins and sump pumps would facilitate the good and effective maintenance of these pumps.

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