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Living in the East Bay can be difficult during the rainy season. If you live on a hill or have tough soil, your home can experience flooding or drainage issues that can lead to very costly water damage to your foundation or other parts of your home or property. Bay Area Drainage is Diamond Certified and can help you fix your drainage.

Below are some of the common issues and questions that happen and the solutions we can provide:

What are french drains?

French drains are trenches filled with gravel or rock and contain a perforated pipe that captures surface or groundwater, diverting it away from the home. The trench serves as a channel for water to flow through the pipe, exiting at a location that will be determined during the consultation. Possible exits are the street, a culvert, a dry well, or other safe distance from the property.

What is an Underfloor Drainage Solution?

The drain takes water out of a crawlspace. It’s an alternative type of drainage that does not disrupt exterior landscape. An Underfloor Drainage Solution is designed to remove water from under the crawl space after it has already intruded into the crawl space.  If installed throughout the entire crawl space it can minimize the moisture under the home.  An under-floor system generally consists of 3” perforated drain line with Class II perm drain rock.  From this main line there will be finger trenches and then the underfloor will be capped with a vapor barrier.

What is a channel drain?

This drain is installed along a driveway or patio for water to exit and discharge to an existing drainage system.

What happens if…

Water pools in one area, water flows towards the home, there’s a soggy lawn, standing water or moisture in basement or crawlspace, water seeping through the foundation or concrete slab, there’s moisture on the walls: A french drain is needed. Please see our french drain service page for more information.

Soil sliding from hillside: A french drain is needed. If you are installing a retaining wall, the drain should be installed behind a retaining wall. Please see our french drain service page for more information.

Soil is shifting: A retaining wall is needed. They are built to prevent soil from shifting. They need to be strong enough to withhold soil and water. Bay Area Drainage offer various options for materials used for retaining walls. Please see our retaining walls service page for more information.

Water flooding basement: A sump pump is needed. The pump keeps water/excess water out of the basement or crawlspace and sends water out and away from the property to a proposed exit area. Please see our sump pumps service page for more information.

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 At one point, we had difficulty with one of the drains they installed. They immediately came out and took care of the problem. They were very neat, and they put everything back exactly as it was supposed to be. They had very good service. They were very responsive. When I called, they immediately responded to the trouble we had with one of their installations. 

– Susan B.

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