Check Under Your Crawl Space Recently?

If you recently purchased a home or even if you have been a long time homeowner, you should check under the crawl space of your home for standing water.  If you notice cracks in your drywall, or cracks in your foundation floor, this could all be caused by soil expansion and contraction.  In the crawl space you may find standing water (after a good rain) or damp soil up to twelve months after winter, or visible water stains on piers, or water rivets.  There are several different types of drainage solutions — an experienced, licensed contractor can evaluate the solutions and select the most effective.

Getting a good licensed contractor

Getting a good licensed contractor can make a world of difference when undertaking a drainage project.  Some things to consider when looking for a good contractor:  Make sure that they are licensed with the State of California.  The contractor should have their license number printed somewhere on his letterhead or business card.  You can go to to verify that their license is still valid.  Also make sure that the company has liability and Workers Comp insurance.  There are several different places that you can check to see if the company has any complaints against them such as State licensing board or BBB.  You can also look for companies that belong to Diamond Certified.

The problem with hiring uninsured and unlicensed contractors

At times it sounds appealing hiring the unlicensed contractor.  Their price is generally less and they quote timeframes that the homeowner wants to hear.  The unlicensed contractor does not pay into Workers Comp insurance nor do they carry liability insurance.  Thus, leaving the homeowner open to this liability.  If a worker is injured while working on your premises, they can sue the homeowner.  In addition, when the unlicensed contractor does not complete the job according to what timeframes or scope of work was agreed upon, the homeowner has no recourse.  The unlicensed contractor does not offer a lifetime guarantee on their workmanship or product.  Think twice, when hiring this type of contractor and don’t let the price fool you.

Bay Area Drainage, Inc.

Bay Area Drainage, Inc. specializes in drainage systems for residential and commercial clients in Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano Counties. Bay Area Drainage’s specialty is installing French drain systems, which can be tied to downspout systems, sump pumps and area drains. The company also builds retaining walls and installs sump pumps, synthetic lawns, and pavestone driveways and walkways. Each drainage system is retrofitted to its surrounding landscape and carefully excavated around existing features. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and this is proven with our lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.  Every aspect of this company takes a very “hands on” approach with our customer from the first phone call to the last walk through.  We are a Diamond Certified contractorPlease contact us to see if you qualify for a free estimate: 925-377-9209 or send an email.

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