Bay Area Drainage, Inc. provides drainage systems for residential and commercial clients in Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano Counties. The company also builds retaining walls and installs sump pumps, synthetic lawns, and pavestone driveways and walkways. Each drainage system is retrofitted to its surrounding landscape and carefully excavated around existing features.

Owner Wayne Ortland says Bay Area Drainage is known for its meticulous attention to detail. “I stop by every jobsite at least once a day, and I’m involved in each individual project.” A site superintendent oversees work on every job, and when projects are completed, the company removes all leftover materials and performs a comprehensive clean-up.

Bay Area Drainage’s specialty is installing French drain systems, which can be tied to downspout systems, sump pumps and area drains. The company takes a minimally invasive approach to installing French drains by tunneling beneath plants to reduce disruption to root systems. “French drains eliminate the negative effects of moisture,” says Mr. Ortland, “including mold, mildew, damaged floors and conditions in which termites can thrive.”

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